Opinions Are Like Kleenex: Great To Have When You Need Them, But They Should Not Always Be Shared


So, yeah, everyone has an opinion on everything, even if they don’t (mind=blown).  With the advent of social media and the crop of college graduates who have moved back home, there seems to be no end to ways in which opinions can be expressed and people can be judged.  And there does not seem to be any time restraint or barrier to these critiques, since anyone anywhere can whip out an iPhone and call someone “stupid”, “ugly”, or cowardly.” Or accuse them of using a filter. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is worse.

Since I’ve started following others in the paranormal field, ( not in a creepy, “the calls are coming from inside your house” way, but via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram… wow, when it’s written out, it does look a little…obsessive) I’ve noticed a good deal of insensitivity directed towards some of the more notable investigators.  And I think (opinion) that it’s unnecessary, if the point is to only disagree. Instead, these comments turn into personal attacks.

One of my favorite female investigator generously (opinion #2) shares a lot of personal pictures and an anecdotes about her family. They are fun and light hearted and positive. But inevitably there are comments that demean and question her parenting skills: everything from taking her child to a purportedly haunted location that is open to the public to the use of binkies.  Also on the radar is a male investigator who is not afraid to self-promote, even if it puts him in vulnerable (re: open season) positions.  He’s been called out for being ridiculous in his investigations, and criticized for his investigative methods, as well as his fashion sense.  While I am not trying to defend these actions of these investigators, because I think (opinion #4) they are more than capable to defend themselves, I do think (you get the idea) that being hateful and trolling is ineffective and passive-aggressive (thanks, psychology degree!)

I would recommend that anyone greatly disturbed by their choices just stop following them. Why get worked up about someone else’s life, no matter how public of a figure.  Try reading the news; there is some scary stuff out there and a lot more things to be worried about.  Maybe even more than the paranormal.

Perspective….it’s a good thing.

Until the next night falls…

3 thoughts on “Opinions Are Like Kleenex: Great To Have When You Need Them, But They Should Not Always Be Shared

  1. I wonder if the internet would cease to exist if all the trolls found something better to do. I should be numb to it by now, but every time I see an attacking comment, I think all the same things you said in this post. It baffles me. Then again, it baffles me why The Monkees are not in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. I have to just let it go, lest I become a troll myself.

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